Gus, Minature Schnauzer

You are a Goddess!

Judy, owner

Raday & Lily, Labradoodles (puppies)

Thank you Diane! This experience has truly been one of training the trainer and I am learning so much more about the magnificence of “the dog.”
 I love your skills of imparting to me the psychology behind the action and watching Lily and Radar sort it out. This is so fun! Thank you for your time and expertise!


Charlie & Lucy, Entlebucher Mountain Dogs

Thank you Diane for the Puppy training materials! I always learn so much from you. You are amazing and your training makes my relationship with Charlie more enjoyable.  

 I hope it will be the same with Lucy.


Luna, Poodle cross

I’d like to give some positive feedback on our experience with Diane Kunas. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the class.  I emerged with a greater respect for Luna’s capacity to learn.  She is a smarter than I realized, and Diane made teaching Luna basic commands an easy and very enjoyable process.  Her enthusiasm is infectious, and she is very flexible about modifying her approach to find whatever works for a particular dog.

Best of all, working with Luna has deepened the human-canine bond.  That was exactly what I hoped to get from the class.  I am looking forward to Level 2.  Sign us up!

Joe Koplin











Charlie, Standard Poodle

Hey there,

Thanks again for yesterday.  You left us with some really great information and insights, and we really appreciate how you took the time to address our specific concerns!  You are extremely good at what you do!



Phoebe, Labradoodle (puppy)

Hi Diane,

I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful training you shared with Phoebe and me, and that the “back” plus “leave it” commands that you taught us in the last class have completely transformed our walks together…

 Phoebe is a joy, and we both miss seeing YOU, so please keep in touch when you have the next class tailored for us; also, I’d like to start hiking with her, and if you think a private lesson w/tips is in order, please advise us-OK?

 Lastly, I’ve recommended you to scads of people, so I’m hoping that at least some of them have shown up in your classes? Most folks don’t remember to say who recommended them, but that doesn’t really matter anyway…just wanted you to know I’ve happily recommended you to a lot of people!

 Missing you,  ML

Bryton, Cockapoo

Dear Master Trainer, friend & hero –

I will try hard to live up to what you taught me, to help Daddy do “Master” stuff, and to always keep learning.

Most of all, thank you for helping me find a bigger life than I ever could have had.

Bryton (Marcus, owner)

Benjamin, Chihuahua cross Dachshund

Thank you so much for coming last weekend I can’t wait to see the changes in Benjamin. Just to see him work with you gave me so much hope. I could not believe how quickly he picked things up. I will definitely recommend you anytime someone mentions training their dog. It was amazing to see him work with you and when you were leaving that already i could tell him to wait and he listened. 
Thank you so much again for your time and sincere care for my dog. Sincerely,

Karma, Goldren Retriever (puppy)  / Mac & Jack, Rottweiler cross Shepherds

Hi Diane,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you.    

I went over to my parents’ house last night for dinner and their dogs were GREAT.  Such a noticeable difference from a few months ago – they were friendly!?  It was great…I know they still have a ways to go, but it was so nice to see them at least a bit more well adjusted!  And that my parents are making an effort, it was just great. 

On our end Karma is doing well – she’s turning ONE in two weeks!  We took her camping a few weeks ago in Chelan and she LOVED it.   

Take care,


Diesel, Dobermann

Hi Diane

Diesel and I really enjoyed our training sessions with you.  He seems pleased to finally have a mum that is giving him consistent commands and is really responding well.  

We have had some major steps in the right direction since we last saw you.  We went for a walk in West Stow forest on Friday with 2 friends that have dogs the same age as Diesel.  They both had trouble keeping their dogs in sight and getting them back when they wanted them but Diesel was very good.  He went ahead when given his release command but stayed mainly to the path, only venturing into the woods occasionally and coming back to do a perfect sit and stay in front of me whenever called.  Considering he was the hooligan of the group as a puppy both my friends are green with envy.

 On most walks we have a completely slack lead and Diesel heels with the occasional back command, hand signal or stick.  He is much happier to walk behind me when necessary and we have managed a few short 100 yard walks to heel off the lead when other dogs are approaching.  He was a little unfocussed this morning at the beginning of our walk so I tied him to some railings and repeated the very first exercise you taught me to get him to look at me.  I only had to wait once before he was constantly looking straight at me.  The rest of the walk went like a dream and another dog owner actually stopped me to say what a well behaved dog I had. 

 Thanks again for all your help. 

 Jane and Diesel

Cookie, Havenese (puppy)

 Hello Diane,

Thank you so much for coming over.  Cookie has had just one accident in the house since yesterday and I’ve gotten her to do all her potty’s on the patch of grass I made for her in the backyard!  Wahoo!  She looks at me more and is also doing much better on the leash.  I know it’s been just one day, but I am really happy with the changes.  She is even going in her crate when she wants to rest!!

Thank you,


Desi, Cockapoo (puppy)


 I learned so much from you and found the one-on-one very beneficial! I am working with my little beast and he is catching on. I have him sitting and waiting at the door and he is really starting to “get it.” This binder looks very interesting and I can’t wait to read the entire thing.

I’m going to work with him the next few weeks and then I want to schedule another appointment unless a class gets started.

I look forward to seeing you again soon!


Annabelle, Standard Poodle

You are truly impressive in your dedication and energy!


Max, Minature Schnauzer (puppy)


I wanted to thank you for all the lessons and examples you gave to us in puppy class on Thursday.  We really enjoyed the experience and hope to further implement the commands you taught us with Max. 

I also wanted to send you the links of the various programs that interested us.  If you change your mind and offer a terrier specific class, please let us know as we would love to take that class from you!

Susan Tjioe

 Lolly (& George), Dogue de Bordeaux & Boxer

Hi Diane,
The Mastiff breeds are tough but with the different types I’ve worked with DDB’s are one of the hardest! Lolly’s response to me in the time we had blew me away, I really wasn’t expecting to do too much with her –  if you think about it, you spend the first few days building up a bond and some trust with the dog….the ONLY time you can start straight away is when you have a dog who understands the process of training and the only way they get that is if someone has put the time in with the dog to the point that the dog understands human to dog communication, this doesn’t come with a few lessons here and there.
You really have done an awesome job with her, I know you didn’t expect me to do any training while I was dog-sitting for you, but both Lolly and George were an absolute pleasure to work with – I just couldn’t help myself!!!
For whatever it’s worth, if I had a business where I was looking for more trainers and behaviorists you would be first on my list.
Talk soon.
Jackie xx

Butkus, Dogue de Bordeaux (puppy)

Hi Diane,

We really want to thank you for every thing – we know we helped Butkus resolve many of his fears and you played by far the most major role in that and this will make him better prepared for his new home and we can’t thank you enough. 

Thank you so much for everything. 



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