My services are bespoke to the dynamics of the family & desired relationship with the dog.             



Puppy Behaviour Shaping:  For dogs between 8 weeks – 6 months. Services include owner training in puppy basics (toilet training, socialization and general care, etc.), shaping desired adult behaviour and the prevention of future problematic behaviour such as separation anxiety.  Owners learn the techniques of teaching puppies to sit, stop, wait, leave it and the early stages of recall and walking on a loose leash.  Also included are focus exercises, games that promote learning  and important leadership philosophies and practices.

Basic Obedience:  Similar to the above, Owners  learn basic commands to include the foundation for advanced training such as distance work and other complex and mentally stimulating disciplines.  Behaviour management is the key component to success of the training.

Common Canine Behaviour Problems:  This may include any excessive or undesirable displacement behaviours, such as barking, jumping-up, separation anxiety, and so on.  Typically speaking, addressing problematic behaviour requires an in-depth dissection of the dog’s history, relationships with the family, exercise, feeding  and other practices, etc.  While the majority of the time is spent working with the owners on pro-actively on solutions, it is important to understand the source and contributing factors to the behaviour to best manage or reverse it.

Aggression and other serious matters:  Please contact me to discuss your dog’s more concerning and/or complex behaviour problems.  A behaviour consultation is a required pre-requisite for aggression and other mentally and physically threatening behaviour to the dog and others.  Follow-up sessions are as needed and recommended.

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Fees for Services:  Puppy and basic training services are  $100 per hour and $150 per 90-minutes.  It is recommended that the first session be at least one hour to become acquainted and cover necessary background information.

Consultations are $310.00 and run approximately two hours.  A pre-meeting questionnaire and comprehensive consultation report (recap) and step-by-step programme instructions are included.

Fees include travel up to 10 miles (one way) and/or 20-minutes.  Due to increased Seattle traffic, travel for more than 20-minutes (one way) will be charged at an extra $10 per 20-minutes.  Tolls are not included.

Packages are available upon request.  Please ask for details and pricing.


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