Bad Dog-Science

I am a dog book-junkie and try to read at least three books by each author to truly understand their work and teachings.  And, while I do not always agree with everything I read, I always learn something or have some sort of take-away from the experience.  However, John Bradshaw is the exception.  I came … Continue reading


Diet & Nutrition: Pet Food Manufacturer Style

Will your dog’s diet affect their behaviour?  You bet!  Following is an article written by an exceptionally gifted associate, Danny Decourtelle (UK).  This is a good example why we should re-think what we feed our dogs, more over, why we should educate ourselves on the choices we make …  Don’t Believe The Hype – A conversation … Continue reading

Littermates: The Perils of Keeping Two Puppies

When dog owners choose to adopt two puppies from the same litter (or at the same time), I am reminded of this article from CFBA Member Associate, Barbara Sykes.  Very good advice to digest before taking the plunge … I include that I adhere to similar practices when including a single new puppy to my established pack.  … Continue reading

A Life of Cats and Dogs: Understanding and Introducing the Species

Advice on introducing cats and dogs by CFBA Chairman and Fellow Member, Colin Tennant   A Life of Cats and Dogs An Image The image of a dog chasing a cat often brings great mirth to a casual observer — perhaps I should add the canine observer! Yet cats and dogs can be great friends … Continue reading

Fight and Flight Distance: A TLC Training Technique

A wonderful article by a CFBA Member Associate, Barbara Sykes – helping to understanding the ‘comfort zone’, if you will, in dog-to-dog encounters.   Fight and Flight Distance Fight and Flight is the distance between prey and predator that allows a choice. Outside the fight and flight distance the prey has both time and space in its … Continue reading